Had a really good saturday with my friends Minna and Sara. Minna and I grabbed a coffee in the city and a crêpe. So delicious! And later we went home to my apartment and made some dinner and talked alot. Sara arrived a couple of hours later and after some chatting and drinking we went to Prive to party. Got home in a quit decent time but to bed like 05.. Sunday mum called like 10am, I had promised her to maybe come with them to Copenhagen to watch the Halloween at Tivoli. But I had a headache, but went with them anyway. Some painkillers and a shower and then I was "ready". Had a great time and a really good luck with the weather in the beginning before the rain came. 
And monday- thuseday I have been in school and studied the course Business law, and today I have been working. So im a bit tired now, but will soon go for a walk.
Right now Im at my mums place in Osby, will be here til sunday before I go back to Malmö.
Have stuff to do here, and a halloweenparty this weekend to attend to=) Have not set my outfit yet, but will fix it before saturday.  
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Do I wanna know?

Had a pretty good day yesterday, fixed my hair, worked some hours and just relaxed on the evening, watched a movie and cleaned my apartment. 
And of course I listening to my greek music that I can't live without and will never let go. That's for sure, If I can't be there I will take it here. It makes me happy and let me dream back. Memories are live pictures no one can take away from u.
But now it's saturday and Im getting ready to meet up my beloved friend Minna at the station in 1,5 hour. Will be so nice to see her again, have so much to talk about. Hopfully we will grab a coffee on the way. And later tonight Sara will arrive to Malmö also and then its partytime. 
So talk to u later 
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I close my eyes

I have so many questions in my head that Im not sure I can solve them out. I have so many dreams Im not sure I can make them all. I had this dream painted up in my head but then suddenly love came to my door in Sweden and made me even more confused. My hairdresser told me today that we need to let some of our dreams go sometimes to let something or someone else in. Someone else told me to never ever let my dreams go and make sure I number one in my life. So what to do ? How to compromise ? And what will make me most happy in the end. Im 24 years and the time is passing by so fast I can't stop it and its so stressful. I have so many things I want to do before I even will be thinking of kids...at the same time if I will get any of my own I don't want to be to old. And I know Sweden will be the best country to rais them in... 
Someone told me I can live by the sea even here in Sweden. Never thought of that, in that way. Can that be a soulution?  Live in south Sweden by the sea and get a job where I traveling alot? So I will have a little of both? But then the weather.. that's one problem .I hate the weather here.
The time will show me what to do. Nothing is written in stones.. YET. 
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