I close my eyes

A week that suppose to consist of only studing went a completely diffrent way. It started out pretty good, til yesterday. I went to work in the morning and then home to my homecity. Cuz the day was ruined anyway,I new I woudnt study now.But I had a nice time back home, met my granmother cuz she needed a haircut. And then I visit my family and helped my sister with her CV and personal letter. I also met my uncel today that needed to fix his hair ^^ Sometimes it's good to have the hairdresser education in my backpack.
U make me smile everytime! 
But now Im back home in Malmö, need to study. But I just don't have the motivation to study. =(  Im doing everything else that Im not suppose to do. But I  need to get it done now. SO wish me luck
Found a picture from aug2009
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