Change it

It's time for some change here, and to stand up for myself. Have you ever had the feeling; Im not worth the same, and Im not good enough or can I really do this? And the problem with make yourself small in situation with ppl older during work/internship, but outside is no problem? Or if I ask a  "this qestion" they will think Im stupied... The hard truth: Sadly I have.. And Im fighting that right now. But I know Im good, I know I can. But still there is something holding me back.
Im having an internship right now, it's a part of my edu. So it's simply, I can't be good on everything even if I wish I could. Im still learning. 
But I need to be seen, I need to make my voice heard. BUT how do I do it and how will I manage it?  It's just that I don't want to make me feel stupid. But still, if I don't ask I will never learn. And I hate conflicts. 
The feeling I have in my stomach, and my heartbeat need to go, need to push that one away when Im professional. Had a meeting at school yesterday about how I feel. Had no problem to talk to her about it and make her undestand how I feel. Maybe because she is not here everyday and she is not my mentor at my internship... ? 
Nope, it's time to change it. If I don't plan my life someone else will. 
Its will be some change here aswell and with other things in life. 
Wish u all a happy friday <3 
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