Blue blue beautiful sky
Thursday and the week is almost over. A short week cuz will be at school tomorrow with some other classmates, and be involved in a business game. Have actually no idea what it will mean but sounds interesting. 

Had my/our meeting with my/our mentor now, we had the meeting together me and Elina. So hope it will be better now. I hope he understand what I meant. Communication just need to be better I think.  And I peronally need to take more space with my Ideas and so on and try to be that driven and cleaverful person I am. 
Will talk to my mentor at school tomorow aswell to follow up our last meeting last week. 
Richard is in Thailand now, I think the flight went well. Got a message last night when they arrived and hopefully the internet will work so we can skype when I get home tonight. Miss my babe <3 And after i wil head the gym to work out. 
Think this was a good day. 
// Z
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