Time is passing by, I know!  So dont remind me, really u don't need to!
So what happend? Sometimes u forgot, some times u just don' t feel for it and sometimes u don' t care cuz there is so much more fun to life then a computer. But what have happend the last 6 month. I finish my internship at r.a.p.s. Moved back to Crete for the summer. Had the best summer of my life. Worked 4,5 hour/evening at a entrance to a restaurant with my best friend Line. The rest of the days and nights I were at the beach,pool or party all night long. Went in to Chania sometimes and one night to Rethymno. I shared an apartment with a swedish girl and actually we had a lots of fun, Do really miss her! I also actually stayed one more week, I skiped my ticket home and bough a new one a week later. One of the best decisions in my life. Came back to Sweden to an apartment that looked the same as when I left it 2 month earlier. I have done 2 courses in school and are almost done with my third now. 
Oh yeah I went to unik also with some friends to an amazing and AWESOME event, about leadership, and how to get to your dreams. 
And now its time to get some sleep. 


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